Career Opportunities after Completing Journalism

Career Opportunities after Completing Journalism

Journalists are in high demand these days,owing to the growing digital arena, which is allowing many media companies toquickly develop and create new positions. 

Planning a career is a lifelong process that begins with deciding on a course of study, finding a job, and progressing in that employment. As a result, it is critical to think carefully before choosing a vocation and making a decision.A journalist's life can be anything from enjoyable to insanely strange, difficult and demanding to tiresome and suffocating.

Reporting may not be the greatest option for students who are afraid of risk, because as a journalist on the field, you are frequently sent to regions that are not always safe.



Advertising boosts marketing and establishes direct contact between manufacturers and consumers by focusing on building demand.The primary goal of advertising is to raise brand awareness through television, the internet, newspapers, and magazines, as well as to persuade the public to buy products and services. As an advertising copywriter, you'll collaborate with an art director at advertising, media, or full-service agency's creative department. You'll create, develop, and produce effective advertising campaigns based on client briefs.


The preparation of written, visual, or audio material for dissemination of information through public media with regard to current, factual events of public importance is referred to as journalism.It is concerned with the broadcast world, such as television and radio, as well as web journalism, print journalism, and other forms of journalism. There are other courses in specific areas of journalism, such as sports, television, photography, and press law, as well as oral and writing communication.

Mass Communication

Mass communication is the study of how individuals and organizations use mass media to communicate with huge groups of people at the same time.It often involves a variety of sources for disseminating information, such as newspapers, magazines, book publishing, radio, television, and film, as well as news and advertising.

Public Relation

The process of delivering information to the public in order to promote a specific view of a product or organization is known as public relations.In comparison to advertising, public relations is less intrusive and aim to provide a more thorough opinion to a large audience in order to shape public opinion.Unlike advertising, public relations specialists have no influence over the message until it reaches the media gatekeepers, who select where the information should be passed on to the audience.