Know These 5 Most Required Skills for a Mobile Application Developer

Know These 5 Most Required Skills for a Mobile Application Developer

21st century is the age of technologybecause nowadays we are quite busy with our mobile phones. 

Smart phones make things easier and comfortable for human being and they can explore everything in just one click.

From shopping to paying bills, ordering foods or enjoying online movies and TV shows, everything is possible by using its mobile applications.

Demand of  mobile applications has increased the need of Mobile Application Developers in IT sector. It is one of the most trendy and best job in IT industry nowadays. That’s why companies are hiring talented and experienced Mobile Application Developers for various domains and projects.

In this particular blog we are going to tell you about 5 most required skills for a Mobile Application Developer which can lead you towards your dream job and help to make your resume strong and catchy.

So here we go....


Java is one of the most demanding and necessary skills for every mobile application developers since it was considered as a default language to write Android Apps since 2019. With the help of Java programming and SDK one can make Android Apps. Here’s some major feature of Java,

  1. Android’s default programming language
  2. Reliable while developing applications where high-security is a concern
  3. Extensively used the app for Android app development
  4. Purely object-oriented


Kotlin is an advance and simpler form of Java Programming which is widely used in the industry nowadays to make Android apps. In year 2019 Java was replaced by Kotlin which was announced by Google as a first class language for programming Android Applications.

Features of  Kotlin are,

  1. Kotlin is a functional and intuitive programming language
  2. It has a straightforward syntax which makes the code compact
  3. Allows bugs and errors to be identified at the initial stage of development
  4. Compatible with Java


React.Js is a kind of JavaScript library which is used for devising high-quality User Interfaces. This important skill used to develop mobile applications for generating high amount of traffic. Some of its best features are given below..

  1. The reusable nature of code components saves a lot of time
  2. Page rendering from server to browser enhances SEO of web application
  3. It is the best tool for developers to implement quick debugging
  4. Easy to comprehend, unlike other frameworks that require learning a wide range of concepts.

React Native

React Native basically to build cross-platform, native apps for iOS and Androids. Most popular companies like Facebook, Uber, and Microsoft use this skill. With the help of React Native you can easily develop Applications using the same code base for Android and iOS.  Main features of React Native are shown here...,

  1. Focused on providing a comfortable user experience to mobile users.
  2. Developers can code in JavaScript without learning any specific coding languages.
  3. It acts as a bridge between JavaScript and Native threads of coding language.
  4. React Native does not supply Web views in its code but runs on actual, native components instead.


JavaScript is one of the most popular and traditional program to build the front-end of any Mobile Application. Most of the Application developers have a deep knowledge about this one.  Here is some important aspects of the JavaScript..,

  1. Generates HTML content
  2. Independent of platforms
  3. Better control