Why these 5 Celebs from TMKOC is still Single? Know the Reason behind it

Why these 5 Celebs from TMKOC is still Single? Know

TMKOC akaTarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashma is most favorite sitcom in Indian homes. The firstepisode of this most popular show was on aired in October 2008. 

Munmun Dutta

Now it has been 13 years and the show is still getting a public appraisal and positive response.

The character of the show is also most popular among Indian. The popularity of Jethalal aka Actor Dilip Joshi is unbelievable, people love his character and most of the TMKOC fans like Jethalal and his comic presence on the screen.

But still very few people know that most of the TMKOC characters are still single and they are enjoying  their bachelor’s life. In this article we will disclose about these 5 bachelor’s celebs of TMKOC and reason of being single. So let’s go and catch the details...

Munmun Dutta aka Babita Iyer of the Show

In the show actress Munmun Dutta featured as Babita Iyer, who is basically from bengal and married with a scientist Mr. Krishnan Iyer of south India. People love their chemistry in the show and they both are doing good job. However Munmun Dutta playing the role of married Babita Ji but in real life she is still single. She is currently 33 years old and like to live her life on her own terms. She is enjoying her bachelor life and often goes on vacations around the world. She has a Masters degree in English and also worked in Bollywood movies such as Holiday, Dhinchak Enterprise and Mumbai Express.

Neha Mehta

Neha Mehta aka Anjali Tarak Mehta of the Show

Neha Mehta was playing the role of Anjali Tarak Mehta in the show, she was featured as a successfully married woman in the show. However in the real life she is still unmarried and enjoying her life. Unfortunately she is not a part of the show anymore due to some personal and professional issues she has left the show.

Nirmal Soni

Nirmal Soni aka Dr. Hans Raj Hathi

Nirmal Soni is currently playing the role of Dr. Hathi after the sudden death of Kavi Kumar Azad in july 2018. The role of Dr. Hathi is one of the most loving character of the show and Kavi Kumar Azad was doing this role since the show started in year 2008. Now Nirmal Soni has been featured as Dr. Hathi in the show and he is also single.

Tanuj Mahashabde

Tanuj Mahashadbe aka Krishnan Iyer of the Gokuldham

It is just a coincidence beacuse Tanuj Mahashadbe who’s playing the role of  Krishnan Iyer in the show is also single in real life like Babita Ji. Tanuj Mahashadbe featured as a husband of the beauty queen of the Gokuldham society, Babita Iyer. His role of Krishnan Iyer is cosidered as the Rajnikant of the Gokuldham society, this 45 years old Tanuj Mahashadbe is still single and he is happily enjoying his unmarried life.

Tanuj Mahashadbe is basically from Madhya Pradesh and he has diploma in Marine Communication. 

Gurucharan Singh

Gurucharan Singh aka Roshan Singh Sodhi

Gurucharan Singh was playing the role most romantic character of the show named Roshan Singh Sodhi, since the show has started, but nowadays is now working with the team of TMKOC. His character has been replaced with new one. In the show Roshan Singh Sodhi is most romantic and dashing personality, people like to love his on-screen romance with his wife. However Gurucharan Singh is still single in his real life and he is enjoying his life.