Follow These Tips For Instant Glow In This Winter

Follow These Tips For Instant Glow In This Winter

Winter is here with lots of sweets andchill air. During this time, the most sensitive thing is your skin. You need topay extra attention to it and take care of it like a baby. 

The most common issue is the dry skin. Air during this weather is extremely harmful for the skin; you should take precautions and useful steps to protect it. Follow these tips and relax with a cup of tea.


The secret to attaining a delicate winter glow is to ensure that nutrients and moisture reach all levels of your skin. You're not only concerned with the cover, but also with the layers within it. That is why serums (particularly those densely packed with actives/ nutrients and able to penetrate deeper into the skin due to their smaller molecules) are important to use before applying a nourishing moisturizer.


After a shower or shave, a light lotion may be insufficient to combat winter's wrath, and the season necessitates "elevating" your moisture game. Instead, choose for creams that are richer and more nutrient-dense to help protect the skin's barrier. And you might want to keep a travel size jar in your pocket so you can replenish / dab a little as needed to keep the overall effect cushiony and silky.

Make changes, but don't re-do the whole thing

While winter may necessitate some tweaking of your routine, it isn't necessary to change everything. Listen for what's lacking while also paying attention to how your skin is reacting.

You Should Be Kind

In the winter, skin is more sensitive than usual, so take care. Excessive exfoliation should be avoided (and replenished immediately afterward), patting your face dry rather than scrubbing thoroughly should be avoided, and artificial perfumes should be avoided (this is a suggestion that applies all year!). Don't forget to nourish your lips (which are especially vulnerable to lip lines), neck, hands, and feet.

There's more to winter skincare than the creams and lotions you use.

Rub the ingredients into your skin for a few minutes to start the blood flowing. If you don't use soft, firm upward strokes with your palms, metal applicators can aid to improve product absorption. Use humidifiers if you have indoor heating to avoid excessive dryness. While a glass of wine or a scotch could seem like a good way to remain warm, don't forget about the humble yet powerful drink - H2O.