5 Nutrients Are Compulsory To Prevent Bone Density Problems

5 Nutrients Are Compulsory To Prevent Bone Density Problems

It is really necessary for young people totake care of your bones to avoid future complications. It is important for youto stand in correct posture and protect your sensitive organs from any injuryor problem.

Calcium is a mineral that helps in the development of bone density and strength. But there are other minerals too. Some minerals work together and help in bone development. Other than calcium, we have compiled a list of mineral required for bone development.

Vitamin K

One of the main reasons for heart attack can be the deficiency of vitamin K. This mineral is required for the activation of protein in blood clotting and calcium metabolism. It is also responsible for controlling the calcium in the bone. The daily vitamin K consumption for women is 122 mg and for men is 138 mg, approximately. Vitamin-K is found in Broccoli, spinach, cabbage, and lettuce

​Vitamin D

When we listen about this nutrient, we think about the sunshine as it is said that sunlight in essential for vitamin D. this maintains the bone health and improve the bone density. Our body has a tendency to produce fat soluble vitamin, when exposed to sunlight, by breaking down the cholesterol, which is deposited in our cells. This also led to better absorption of calcium and maintains the mineral in the bloodstream. Okra, spinach and soybeans are rich source of Vitamin-D


Cell growth is initiated by the protein and its regeneration is also its responsibility. It helps in maintaining the appropriate bone mass during its growth and our muscle mass as we age. It is also said that it prevents bone loss and boost bone mineral density. It also minimize the risk the fractures and bone loss. Lentils, beans, meat, poultry, and dairy products are all good sources of complete protein.


300 chemical reactions of our body involve magnesium. And it is also an important component of bone tissue as it nearly contains 60% of this mineral. Higher bone mass density also depends on this mineral; those who consume more magnesium get this benefit. It is important for strong bones. Magnesium intake can be raised in the diet by eating foods like nuts, beans, and sardines.

Vitamin C

Vitamin-C is proved to be advantageous for bone development, re-absorption and osteoporosis prevention. This also helps in the formation of collagen in the bone matrix.