5 Ways To Regain Weight Post Covid-19 Recovery

5 Ways To Regain Weight Post Covid-19 Recovery

In many ways, theCOVID-19 pandemic has been unpleasant for everyone. There was a constant worryof becoming infected, but on the other hand, remaining at home all day resultedin an increase in weight gain and mental health difficulties.

People have fallen into routines of overeating and little physical exercise as a result of staying at home for the past one and a half years. You need to continue your physical activity again and look after your diet.

You can follow these five tips to look after your weight.


Determining your daily calorie intake is a necessary and first step to maintain your weight. Even healthy food in your plate contains some calorie, if you eat nutritious meals, don't eat too much of them. You should split your calorie intake evenly accordingly to your physical activities and age. Consume a certain number of calories per day.


Fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, which are high in fiber, promote digestive health, boost gut bacteria counts, and prevent constipation, which was a common ailment during the pandemic. Eating extra or over is the main problem on weekends, which increase our calorie intake and disturb our body weight. Increasing your fiber intake is one of the most effective strategies to reduce hunger. Remember, everything should be consumed in a limit.


Everything done in schedule or routine gives out the best routine. You should have a proper time table of your diet, this will help you to avoid the excess intake of calories and keep you away from overeating. It is said that if you avoid your meal or eat after your meal time, then you tend to eat more because of your hunger. To avoid spells of overeating, set your mealtime according to your cardiac rhythm and stick to it.


Exercise will go hand in hand with your calories. They will take your of the extra intake you have. Keep yourself engaged by exercising, going to work, or picking up a new interest, this will increase your physical work. Also, it will assist to shift your attention away from eating, as well as improve your mood and reduce stress levels.


Drink a big glass of water even if you don't feel hungry, right after eating or in between meals to see if you're actually hungry or just thirsty. This is a mantra to reduce your calorie intake. Drinking fruit juices and coconut water will also increase body in your body.