Trending Post Graduation Course in Abroad

Trending Post Graduation Course in Abroad

Due to the pandemic, the steady increase inthe number of students choosing to pursue higher education overseas since 2016experienced a sharp fall in 2020. 

According to the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), only 2.6 lakh students travelled overseas for higher education in 2020, dropping from nearly 5.19 lakh in 2019, a 55 percent drop.

The pandemic and continuous lock-down has put a comma in the education sector also. Affecting the economy of the country and top educational destination, this pandemic made the students suffered the most. 

Vaccination process and online learning made it possible for the growing trend in higher education abroad is making a comeback. According to a report more than 70,000 students travelled abroad for their education in the first two months of 2021.


After the brief limitations imposed on Indian students studying abroad during the second wave of the pandemic, many nations have eased their travel restrictions in the spring of 2021. The relaxation of visa requirements by the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Germany, among others, has been welcomed by Indian students. To maintain a safe environment for all students, American institutions have begun a vaccination campaign on campus. Australia, on the other hand, is preparing a well-planned road-map to welcome overseas students once more, thanks to its high vaccination rate of 70% of the population.The government has made good modifications to immigration procedures by creating the Open Work Permit in the interim of Post-Graduate Work Permit (PGWP) approval, in order to maintain international student interest in Canadian education.


Even before the epidemic, international education tastes were shifting away from Computer Science and Engineering. Students have been more interested in subjects such as Liberal Studies, Development Studies, Culinary Art, Urban Planning, and Architecture throughout time. Many students are likely to enroll in Biotechnology, Pharmacy, Healthcare Informatics, and Hospital Administration courses, given the current workload in the healthcare sector. Once the situation returns to normal, the hospital sector is projected to recover as well.

Factors Influencing Students University Selection

The top five decisive criteria in favor of a particular university were revealed in a recent QS International Student Survey (ISS). The most important consideration in deciding on a country, university, and subject is education quality. Other important factors in the study include interest, inexpensive education prices, sufficient funds, greater career options, and reputation. The Covid-19 health issue has added another layer to the already difficult decision-making process for students interested in studying abroad. The readiness of a country to deal with a health crisis is also an important consideration in this decision-making process.