From Rishikesh To Kolkata, 5 Best Places Where You Can See Clear And Pure Ganga In India

From Rishikesh To Kolkata, 5 Best Places Where You Can See Clear And Pure Ganga In India

Ganga, a river that serves as a supply of water for multiple towns and cities, a river that supports a significant portion of the country's wildlife population, a river with significant religious significance, and a river with centuries of historical significance. 

Despite the contaminants and human waste that often enter the river, it is considered pure. Here are the 5 places from where you witness it beautifully.

Visit Rishikesh if you wish to see thenatural splendor of the Ganga and its surroundings. It is here that the Gangaflows down the hills and into the plains. The lush green vegetation thatsurrounds the turquoise waters creates some breathtaking views. There are alsostunning white sand beaches where visitors enjoy camping. There are alsopopular adventure activities such as whitewater rafting and cliff jumpingavailable.


Varanasi, formerly known as Kashi, is the world's oldest continuously inhabited city. Being a city with a strong connection to ancient Hindu sentiments, it allows visitors to see the Ganga at its most beautiful. While there are beautiful ghats with breathtaking views, there are also temples, priests, and other sights that will remind visitors of India's ancient religious sentiments. A boat ride is highly recommended for experiencing the true beauty of the river.

Ganga in Patna, Bihar

The typical gathering during the Chhath Puja may be seen on the banks of the Ganga in Patna, Bihar. Thousands of worshipers congregate along the Ganga's banks to pray to the Sun God, the source of all energy. In a Soop (bamboo crafted utensil) standing in the river, Argha or prayer is presented with a handful of fruits, coconut, and other holy items.

ganga in allahabad

One of the most exciting ways to experience Ganga is on the river bank in India's Allahabad area. Thousands of Hindu devotees, priests, sadhus, and tourists converge to this location for the Kumbh Mela, a religious and socio-cultural confluence of colossal proportions. Many people regard it as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and it is a favorite festival among travel photographers.

Princep Ghat

Kolkata, the Joy City, is almost synonymous with the Ganga River. It is thought that the city arose solely as a result of the river's ability to sustain a large population. Moreover, we link the most attractive spots in this city with a river bank, whether it is the Hooghly Bridge, the Howrah Bridge, or the famed Princep Ghat. Remember the popular film songs Chingaari from Amar Prem and Piyu Bole from Parineeta, in which a boat is seen navigating the waterways beneath the gorgeous Howrah Bridge? If you want to see the actual grandeur of the Ganga in Kolkata, you must take this boat ride.