Career Opportunity for a Science Stream Student

Career Opportunity for a Science Stream Student

Students who go forscience streams are expected to be engineer or doctors but there are variousoptions available for them too. 

Choosing a job path is one of the most life-changing decisions a person can make. It determines their career and personal paths in the future and serves as a stepping stone to the millions of aspirations they have cherished. One of the most significant advantages that Science students have over Arts and Commerce students is that they are qualified for practically all Science and non-Science employment opportunities.

Here are some career options which you can go for as a science student


If you're fond of biology, then this is a perfect option for you. You can seek an MBBS degree and work as a doctor, or you can enroll in a BHMS program and work as a homeopath.


Architecture is a good subject for you if you are interested in building physical things and have a talent for designing, planning, and constructing buildings or structures.Your creative mind will get a lot of exposure with this course. The only condition, you should have interest and strong mathematics. Different types of architecture courses are available, at graduate, post-graduate and diploma level.

Forensic Science

You love to watch CID, then why not be a part of it. Pursuing Forensic Science courses are an attractive career choice for those who want to pursue a career in the Science field. You will study diverse aspects of Biology, Chemistry, and Psychology in certificate and degree programs. Various opportunities areavailable in this field. With opportunities you will have choice to choose your course like Diploma in Forensic Medicine, BSc Forensic Science, MSc Cyber Forensics, PG Diploma in Victimology & Victim Assistance, and other programs.You can also work government bodies as Forensic pathologist.


B.Tech+L.L.B or B.Sc. + L.L.B can be your choice, this is one of the most interesting and successful career, that you can opt. Students in the science stream can enroll in integrated courses in this at the graduate level. There are limited colleges which offer these courses. So, if you go for this one then there are high chances of excellent career opportunities.

Technical Writer

Content writing is ruling almost every field and the growing digital media, it is becoming a necessity. Authors that have specific knowledge in a field and develop material and opinion pieces on that field are known as technical writers. In this profession, the entry barriers are usually low. You can work as a writer for a specialized science publication or develop your own content on YouTube or Instagram.