5 Fabrics Are Best For Lehenga In Monsoon Wedding

5 Fabrics Are Best For Lehenga In Monsoon Wedding

Shaadi season is here with lots of fun andexcitement. Deciding what to wear according to the trend is really difficult.Here are some trending fabrics that you must go for in family gatherings.

Pleated Fabrics

The current generation is well-versed in current themes and fashion trends. Pleated fabrics have become fashionable due to their permanent distinctive folding. Diwali celebrations in pleated fabrics will undoubtedly lift one's spirits because the focus will move from a standard fabric pick to something that is elegantly crafted and attractive. Pleats give the fabric a seductive appearance. Pleated fabric can be used to make long skirts, blouses, gowns, and sarees.


Handloom is a type of fabric created by trained artisans and craftsmen who use their creativity to express themselves. Fabrics of this type are made with extreme precision, with even the tiniest details taken into account. Everything that is created has a certain degree of adaptability. Handloom is expensive and takes a long time to produce. The texture created by handloom is very remarkable, and some regions of India are known worldwide for it. Handloom cloth can be used to make sarees, shirts, Kurtas, and other garments.

Organza cloth

Organza cloth is a must-have for any family celebration. Organza cloth has a level of elegance that is uncommon. It is well-known for the sarees made from it, which enhance the appearance of the woman wearing them. It is silky smooth, crisp, and drapable. It also has a shimmering, transparent appearance. Weaving is a time-consuming technique due to its complexity. Organza is weaved in some regions by experienced artisans. Organza Fabric can be used to make lehengas, kurtis, kurtas, sarees, and tops, to name a few.

Silk Fabric

Festive days are made even more memorable when they are worn in Silk Fabric. Silk is a royal symbol and one of the oldest textiles. It was the clothing of queens and royal families during the medieval period. Silk Fabric has long been used to enhance traditions. It's silky smooth and shiny, and it leaves a lasting impression. Silk sarees are known for their beautiful appearance. Silk is long-lasting and contains all of the qualities that one looks for in a fabric. Blouses, Kurtis, Lehengas, Sharara, Sherwani's, Sarees, and much more can be made using silk fabric.

Embroidered fabric

Festivals and embroidered fabrics have always had a connection. We'd be hard-pressed to find a party without Embroidered fabric. Embroidery is an old technique for embellishing textiles for decorative purposes. Color, texture, richness, and dimension are all added to the fabric by embroidery. It's a work of art that the Indian people have admired for centuries. Different types of embroidered designs, such as floral, leaf, patola, and paisley, are quite popular, and their adaptability can be seen. Embroidery adds an ethnic touch to the cloth, which is done by qualified and experienced artists. Suits, lehengas, crop tops, blouses, designer sarees, and other formal attire can be worn.