6 Ingredients Help You To get Rid Of Acidity

6 Ingredients Help You To get Rid Of Acidity

To solve the problem ofacidity, one must live a healthy lifestyle, which includes eating at theappropriate times, eating while seated, chewing thoroughly, and sitting uprightfor at least half an hour after a meal. 

Home treatments are effective in reducing acidity symptoms and providing long-term advantages in regulating acidity. Here are some best ingredients to combat this problem.

Coriander or Dhania

Dhania can be used in both the ways, dried or fresh. A small amount of coriander is enough to relieve you from acid. It can be mixed with buttermilk or water. You can consume coriander seed in the tea. Coriander is thought to aid in the reduction of bloating, which is a frequent sign of acidity, as well as the control of nausea and vomiting.


Carom seeds have long been linked to reducing stomach discomfort and promoting healthy digestion. Its biochemistry Thymol, which is an important constituent in ajwain, aids with digestion. Carom seeds can be chewed and consumed with a touch of salt; you can also soak a teaspoon in water overnight and drink the water.


Fruits leave an alkaline ash that neutralizes acids, including citrus fruits. They also provide fiber, which aids digestion and overall health. Controlling acidity by eating two fresh fruits every day is an excellent method. Fruits are a fantastic snack alternative and snacking in between meals is a good method to avoid stomach lining damage from acidity.


Eating a pinch of saunf after the meal is in Indian Culture. This not only helps in improving the odor but also helps in digestion. Digestion is improved by combining saunf and mishry. Saunf is used to treat colic in small newborns and is both safe and effective. Saunf soaked in water overnight or warm saunf water can also be used other than after a meal. Tea can also be made with saunf. Adding a little sugar to the mix helps even more.

Yogurt with Milk

Milk is the perfect antidote. Acidity is quickly relieved by drinking cold or room temperature milk. Instead of gulping, sipping is the way to go. Milk is an antacid by nature. It neutralizes the acid since it is high in calcium salts. Another technique to reduce acidity is to consume yoghurt.


A teaspoon of honey mixed with warm water has been demonstrated to aid with acidity in studies. When you add some lemon to it, it becomes an alkalizing agent that helps to neutralize stomach acid.