Top 6 Career Options in the field of Hindi Language

Top 6 Career Options in the field of Hindi Language

Hindi is one of India's 22 officiallanguages, and it is used in parliamentary, judicial, and governmentinstitutions for official communication. This language is simple as well aselegant.

Known writers such as Munshi Prem chandra, Ramdhari Singh Dinkar, among others, have given a lot to this language and enriched the Hindi tradition through soulful compositions. In contrast, now days many young writers like Satya Vyas, Manav Kaul has also increased the interest of the youth of the country towards Hindi.With roughly 425 million people speaking Hindi as their primary language and another 120 million speaking Hindi as a second, Hindi is the world's third most spoken language.

Hindi can also be worthy companion on the road to a safe and prosperous profession. Here are some career options with Hindi for you:


Opening several job opportunities for you, Hindi journalism has wide scope for you. You can be an anchor, news editor, news writer and reporter, etc. It is estimated that approx. 11489 Hindi periodicals are published in India, this clarifies your doubt regarding the scope of this profession. You can work with newspaper, radio channels, news channels, magazines, and digital news media as a journalist.

Screen writer

The rise in popularity of over-the-top (OTT) media has given screenwriting a boost. Furthermore, Hindi material is extremely important to the Bollywood industry. As a result, the need for Hindi innovative writers remains steady. Screenwriters work in ad agencies, news media firms, and film and television production, in addition to the entertainment business.

Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)

One can work for new-age entrepreneurs, particularly education technology organisations, and build Hindi curriculum for e-learning in a variety of formats — video, text, and presentations — to make it fun for kids to read.


After completing your degree in Hindi, you can be a writer or novelist. You should be creative and love story telling. This digital era gave rise to audio-books or eBooks which have broaden this career path.

Hindi typist/Hindi Stenographer

Hindi typist or stenographers are required in government offices.

Translator or interpreter

Many businesses are experiencing an increase in the demand for Hindi to English and vice versa translators.A translator and an interpreter vary in that the former must translate a document into the target language, whereas the latter must translate vocal communication in real time.

Content writer/editor

A content writer/job editor's entails writing blogs, marketing copy, and social media copy, among other things.A Hindi content writer/editor with a degree in Hindi or mass communication can easily advance in their job.Publishing houses, media houses, ad agencies, and other companies hire content writers and editors.