Top 4 Foods that help You to recover from Dengue

Monsoon after summerseason make us feel good but it brings a lot of diseases and infection with it.Dengue causalities are increasing day by day. Dengue patient in advised to eatlight and healthy food to cure the fever.

Dengue fever is a type of viral flu caused by the bite of an Aedes mosquito. Dengue hemorrhagic fever is commonly known as "break bone fever" since it cause acute joint pains and make your condition worse. Fever, headache, muscle and joint aches, and skin rash are the most common symptoms. Your platelet going down is the basic symptom.

Here is the list of food which will help you with dengue fever


One of the famous remedy is papaya leaves. This is because when we have dengue, our platelet count drops, and papaya leaves can help us to restore it to normal. They can be taken in juice form. Surprisingly, they are also good for your immunity, allowing you to recover faster from dengue.Simply crush the papaya leaves to obtain the juice. You can also boil the papaya leaves in water and drink the resulting fluid. It is the most effective home remedy for dengue fever.


Coconut water is the first drink that comes to our mind when we talk about dehydration. Coconut water is high in vital minerals and salts. It is advised to drink coconut water while suffering from dengue. It hydrates you and nourishes your body. It also keep your body stimulated and decreases weakness. You may consume up to two glasses of coconut water each day. Coconut water is a nutritious beverage that you can consume on a regular basis.


This ingredient is loaded with a lot of medical properties. Dengue patients can benefit from neem leaves as well. It helps in prevention of the virus's spread and growth. Neem leaves raise both blood platelets and white blood cell platelet count, which are two of the most severe side effects of dengue virus. Neem contain nimbin and nimbidin which have anti-inflammatory, anti-pyre-tic, and anti-microbial compounds Neem leaves are a powerful natural dengue treatment.


Vegetables are high in important nutrients and fruit juice, mainly citrus fruits are the best source of vitamins.Body need fluid to get recover soon and get rid of weakness. Vegetable juice can be made from a variety of vegetables. It will give you with the necessary nutrition while also keeping you healthy. And fruit juice will make you feel better the fiber in the juice will keep you from having stomach troubles.  You can also add lemon in vegetable juice to satisfy your taste bud and increase the amount of vitamin-c