What can You do after completing Your BBA?

What can You do after completing Your BBA?

Most commerce students gofor BBA after completing their 12th. Bachelor of BusinessAdministration, or BBA, has become the most popular degree among studentsinterested in pursuing a career in management.

 This course provides a great exposure to students who are interested in business management. But after their graduation, they go in dilemma about what to do next. If you are also facing the same problem, then this article is for you.

After earning a graduate degree in BBA, students have a variety of employment opportunities, but not all students are aware of the various paths they might pursue to build a successful career. Here are some courses you can pursue after graduation.


Students, who find themselves interested in business, opt this course for post-graduation. It not only assists you in obtaining a decent management position with a good income, but it also allows you to work for yourself. This is a two year program and you need to clear entrance exam to get into top college. You will study about engagement, people's performance, driving change, leadership, project management, strategic thinking, and a variety of other topics as part of your MBA program.If you have an MBA from a reputable college and excellent communication and management abilities, you will undoubtedly advance far in your profession in this era of stiff market competition.

PGDM (Post Graduate Diploma in Management)

PGDM isn't much different from MBA, we can refer it as alternative option.  PGDM is a diploma course offered by independent institutions, whereas MBA is a degree course offered by universities. This can be of 1 year also. Its curriculum is similar to that of MBA. Admission to IIMs and XLRIs is extremely competitive; candidates can enroll in PGDM programs offered by mid-level MBA institutes.

MMS (Masters in Management Studies)

Another option which is also an alternative of MBA is Master in management studies. MMS courses are similarly two years long and are given by government-approved universities. This will also develop your entrepreneurial skills. A graduation degree in any discipline with a minimum of 50% marks is required to enroll in this program. MMS is a course that teaches students how to manage and regulate company activities at different levels. It also focuses on the field of management studies and is designed to provide graduates with management skills and expertise.You can occupy respected management positions with substantial income packages after successfully completing this course.