How to make a Career in Interior Designing

How to make a Career in Interior Designing

With the change in time, there is a changein career options too. There are many options that have been opened up forstudents. One of them is interior designing. 

The creative minds which can turn an old store house into a lavishing room. The demand of interior designer is increasing day by day, either in industries or house. Interior design students learn about the aesthetic, creative, and technical concepts that go into creating beautiful indoor settings. If you are fond of drawing, art or creativity, you must go for it and check out this article.

Interior design majors can work in fields such as interior, textile, and furniture design, as well as architectural technology, property management, and other related fields. Let’s discuss more about it.


  1. Creative Mind
  2. Interest in drawing
  3. Eager to think out of box
  4. Walk hand in hand with trend
  5. Designing flexibility
  6. Good communication skills

Responsibility of interior designer

  1. Look for fresh projects to go on
  2. Preliminary design ideas, including electrical and partition layouts,
  3. Satisfy your client’s need and the project goal
  4. Establish a project timeline and budget for the interior design project
  5. Professional interior designers look after space planning, textiles, colour schemes etc.
  6. They also handle the communication with their clients.
  7. They usually work with architects, engineers or builders.

Eligibility criteria

You should be creative and passionate for your career; you must have some basic knowledge of designing. One should hold a graduate or post-graduate degree in designing or interior designing. You can also do diploma from any renowned institute.

It is not mandatory to have any work experience, but doing part time jobs and internship can make your resume look good, it will enhance your knowledge and communication skills.

Courses for interior designing

  1. B.Des in interior designing
  2. B.Scin interior designing
  3. BA in interior designing
  4. BFA in interior designing
  5. M.Des in interior designing
  6. M. Scin interior designing

Career path as interior designer.

Interior designers work in a wide range of sectors and professions. Institutes usually provide concentrations and specialization areas to assist degree-seekers in with their professional goals to a certain field of design. Students should perform research to choose a program that goes with their interests. We have mentioned famous interior designer jobs.

  1. Residential Interior Design, he mainly designs home and residential buildings.
  2. Commercial Interior Design, he does his work for the shops, hotel or industries and give them a perfect formal look.
  3. Kitchen Design, this designer usually designs the kitchen, the furniture and provide the perfect environment for cooking.