Follow These 6 Tips Before Gardening

Follow These 6 Tips Before Gardening

Gardening is the process of growing andcultivating plants. It entails direct participation in the plant-growingprocess and is labor-intensive, which distinguishes it from farming andforestry.

Why your own home garden?

Gardening brings people together, gives you a nice workout, and feeds you with seasonal veggies and fruits. Witnessing a seed grow into a plant as a result of your efforts gives a different kind of satisfaction.

A home garden provides you with immediate access to fresh vegetables, so you don’t need to go to the grocery store or farmers market. You may even save money on the food itself, depending on the type of vegetables you cultivate.Growing veggies at home can cost money in terms of seeds and materials like fertilizer, but because a single plant may produce a lot of product, you can frequently save money by doing so.

How to start?

CHOOSE THE VEGETABLE :You should go through the following points to decide the vegetable you want to grow:

1. You should choose the vegetable which will be loved by you and your family.

2. You should grow a limited amount of veggie at a time, to avoid over plant.

3. Vegetable should be friendly with the climate of your area.

4. Availability of high quality seed for the same.

5. Type of the soil available with you

LOCATION: For ripening, most fruits and vegetables require full sun, with at least five hours of direct sunlight every day. Your garden should be free with from children’s prank and animals. So, finding a suitable location to start should be your next step.

KNOWLEDGE OF SOIL: You should be aware of the soil that is needed for your favorite veggies. Different types of veggies demand different soil. So, you should have the basic knowledge of soil type.

SIZE OF THE GARDEN: Now, you should decide the space needed for your garden. This will depend on the number of veggies you want to grow. You should start with a small space first but giving enough space to each plant.

BASIC GARDEN TOOLS: You should have the access to the basic tools, which will be used in the whole process.

FROST DATES: Planting your garden too early (or too late) in the season might be disastrous.You'll need to know your area's last normal spring frost date so you don't harm plants by putting them out too early.

Soil functions best when supplemented with high-quality nourishment on a regular basis. So keep in mind to water your plants properly and care for them with your heart.