Bhangarh Fort: Why It Is Most Haunted Fort Of The India? Know The Story

Bhangarh Fort: Why It Is Most Haunted Fort Of The India?

The Bhangarh Fort lies in Rajasthan's Alwardistrict, on the edge of the Sariska Reserve in the Aravali range of hills.Gola ka Baas is the closest village. 

The fort is built on a sloping landscape at the foot of the hills. On the lower slopes of the hills, the remnants of the king's palace may be found; trees surround the pond region, and a natural stream flows into the pond within the palace grounds.

While you may be enamored with the grand architecture when you visit, many people say they are plagued by worry and are frequently worried and restless. Some visitors have even expressed a strange feeling of paranoia, as if someone were following them around. The reason why, despite its popularity, people avoid staying too long on the fort's grounds.

It is strictly banned to enter Bhangarh Fort at night or to stay there. In fact, the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) has placed signs at many locations in Bhangarh warning tourists not to linger in the premises after dark and before sunrise. According to the locals, anyone who managed to enter the fort at night never returned to tell their story, as it is thought that spirits roam the fort at night, making it a hub for paranormal activity.

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According to mythology, the fort of Bhangarh was cursed by a hermit named Guru BaluNath. The fort was erected on the site where the sage used to meditate, and when the king pleaded with him to build a fort here, the sage agreed on one condition: the fort's shadow should not touch him. The king persuaded him that the fort's shadow would not fall on him at his home, but this did not happen, and the hermit's curse followed, destroying the entire hamlet.

Another story which is also told is, the beautiful daughter Ratnavati was the jewel of the Rajasthan. A tantric priest fell in love with her but, knowing he had no chance against the lovely princess, he attempted to cast a spell on her. Princess was lucky enough to know about all this, this lead to the death of the priest but not before cursing the princess, her family, and the entire hamlet. Next year in the battle, princess and many of their army was killed.

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It's unusual to see that every house in the vicinity is without a roof. It's thought that the sage who cursed the town to its ultimate destruction is to blame. Locals claim that it is impossible to build a roof on these houses, and even if one is built, it will collapse, resulting in the deaths of many individuals in the past.


There are numerous strange anecdotes about Bhangarh and its unfortunate visitors. It has a long history of suffering and pain, which locals think has manifested itself in horrific accidents and disaster. Locals also said that three daredevils once opted to stay in the Bhangarh Fort grounds after sunset to check if it was indeed haunted. Despite having a torch, one of them fell into a deep well and was saved by friends who brought him to the hospital. But, as fate would have it, all three of them died in a car accident while on their way to the hospital.