Easy Ways For Senior Citizen To Loose Weight In Late 60s

Easy Ways For Senior Citizen To Loose Weight In Late 60s

People tend to acquire weight as theybecome older due to slowed metabolism and other metabolic health issues.It alsoraises the chance of joint pain. 


As a result, it is also recommended that older persons maintain a healthy weight. People in their 60's, however, find it far more difficult to lose weight than those in their 30's and 40's. But they can maintain their weight by doing some basic exercises in their routine. It only help them to lose weight but also keep their body working and fit. It gives them relaxation in joint pains too. Here are some basic exercises which senior citizen can adapt in their daily life.


Pilates is a wonderful workout for weight loss, as well as injury recovery and rehabilitation. Clinical Pilates focuses on posture, core stability, balance, control, strength, flexibility, and breathing. This workout can help you strengthen your core, relieve back discomfort, improve your posture, and even burn calories. It prevents the back bending in the old age.


Exercising with heavyweights may be challenging for persons in their 60's. In this scenario, we suggest that they do body-weight exercises. Lifting activities are preferable than squats, lunges, and crunches, especially for those who already have bone and joint problems. To add some diversity to your workout, try resistance band workouts. It makes your bone strong, and muscles flexible which will be beneficial for your health. It works not only on your fat but also on muscles


For those in their 60's looking for a cardio workout, walking is the greatest option. Running may aggravate joint pain and increase the likelihood of injury. As a result, walking is preferable. It aids in the burning of calories while also keeping you active. It can also help you move around more freely in your joints. Even 30 minutes of regular walking is sufficient to get in shape. It keep your kneed joint working and reduces its pain.

seniors yoga


Yoga is low-impact exercises that can help you burn calories, improve mobility, and flexibility. All of these advantages make yoga one of the greatest exercises for adults in their 60's who want to lose weight. Yoga can also help older folks sleep better at night, evacuate their bowels more easily, and relax their thoughts. It is very gentle on the joints and can be easily changed to suit your needs. It also give peace to your mind and maintain its stability. It keeps your mind calm and happy.