History: 5 Incomplete Buildings Of The World

History: 5 Incomplete Buildings Of The World

Some building of worldare destined to be incomplete. While there are numerous reasons behind this,from unrealistic schedules to budgetary concerns, the fate of these structuresremains hopeless. 

As a result, some are abandoned, while others are just unsuccessful ventures with a long history. Here are some of history's most renowned unfinished structures.

Ryugyong Hotel

North Korea's tallest tower, often known as the Hotel of Doom, is currently empty and abandoned in Pyongyang. According to accounts, development on this hotel began in 1987, and it reached a height of roughly 1080 feet in 1992. However, during the country's economic crisis, development on the structure came to a standstill, and the edifice remained windowless for the next 16 years. The crane on top of it was removed in 2008, and glass panels were put on the building's front. The hotel would have had five revolving restaurants and roughly 3000 rooms if it had opened as planned.


Bangkok's Sathorn Unique Tower

The 49-story Bangkok tower, which was planned to be a luxury condominium, is said to be haunted. It is now known as Ghost Tower, and its development is approximately 80% complete. Its development began in the 1990s, when the country's economy was thriving, but was suspended in 1997 due to the economic slump, according to documents. Due to the lack of electricity, this building now lies abandoned and gives off an ominous vibe at night. It is forbidden to enter the tower, and trespassers will be penalized if caught trying to enter the decaying structure, according to notices posted outside the structure.


Scotland's National Monument

According to sources, the Scottish National Monument was supposed to be a duplicate of the Parthenon in Athens. The construction of this structure began in 1822 as a memorial for Scots who died in the Napoleonic Wars; however, money were not raised as envisaged through public subscriptions. After 12 columns were erected, the construction activity came to a halt in 1829, according to records. If you visit this location, you will still be able to see the unfinished stone edifice known as Edinburgh's shame, which is still part of the city's beautiful skyline.

Basilica of San Petronio

Basilica of San Petronio

The construction of this 433-foot edifice began in 1390 and proceeded for centuries, according to archives. The facade, on the other hand, is still completed. While the lowest half of the structure is still made of red and white marble, the upper part is made of plain old bricks that are easy to detect.