Must Follow Top 5 Easy Physiotherapy Hacks To Get Rid of Pain

Must Follow Top 5 Easy Physiotherapy Hacks To Get Rid of Pain

Low back pain and neckpain are the most common medical conditions. These painful problems can becaused by minor things such as bad postural habits over time. 

That pain reliever you're taking isn't the end-all remedy, and it's certainly not a long-term solution. Physical activity is also important for overall health, however using proper form during daily activities and exercising consistently is crucial. We are going to provide a few physiotherapy techniques that can help prevent these types of injuries.

Travel with ease and avoid putting excessive strain on your back.

Lifting and carrying bags and luggage places a lot of force on our backs, and any rotational or bending force pressing on the back can cause significant back discomfort. Bending and lifting weights, removing a bag from an airport baggage counter, and storing a heavy bag in the cabinet above are just a few instances.

Maintain a proper sitting and standing posture

A faulty posture while sitting, standing, or working on a computer places uneven stresses on the spine, resulting in multiple muscular imbalances and postural defects. A faulty static posture lowers the amount of oxygen and nourishment delivered to the muscles by slowing the circulation. This allows for the possibility of early degenerative alterations in the spine.

If your job requires you to sit for long periods of time, take regular rests.

It is really important for you to sit in proper posture but also take regular breaks and changing postures improves circulation in the muscles and essential organs, allowing new blood and oxygen to flow to the area, nourishing it.

To avoid back pain, use the right cushion size.

Pillow is ideal for the spine and which does not cause neck pain when you wake up in the morning. When sleeping on your sides, the goal is to have a cushion that supports you from your shoulders to your head, and your neck should not tilt or rotate. The height of the cushion should be such that the neck is aligned with the entire spine at all times.

If your pain isn't caused by an injury or a fracture, don't use a cervical collar or a back brace.

We all have a habit of shielding or guarding the wounded body part. But have you ever considered what the consequences may be? If you have neck or back pain, some of you wear the cervical collar or back belt on a self-prescribed basis for days or weeks. Always see a doctor or physiotherapist before using such supporting devices, as long-term usage of these braces can weaken your muscles and stiffen your joints, restricting joint mobility.