Career in Hotel Management: Eligibility and Job Opportunities

Career in Hotel Management: Eligibility and Job Opportunities

Hotel management is avital aspect of the hospitality sector, with several job prospects.Furthermore, as globalization gains traction in more nations, the hotelmanagement sector is genuinely globalizing. 

The demand for qualified hotel management personnel is growing as hotel chain owners open new properties in a variety of big and small towns. Hotel management, although being one of the most luxurious occupations, necessitates individuals who can maintain their composure even in the most stressful situations.

Hotel management, like any other industry, is affected by the state of the national and worldwide economies. When the economy is performing well, the sector sees a lot of job growth.This industry is expected to grow in the future years as new hotels open in huge numbers in urban and semi-urban areas. Hotels would prefer skilled hotel management experts over untrained grads since they are less willing to invest in training recruits.


Students can pursue bachelor’s degree in hotel management. The minimal selection criterion for a bachelor’s degree in hotel management is a 10+2 grade average of 50 percent. Candidates who do not get 50% in their +2 might enroll in a diploma or certificate program in hotel management, which are provided by a variety of institutions.

Students interested in a career in hotel management should have excellent communication, thinking, numerical aptitude, and a pleasant attitude. As a result, if a candidate lacks these talents, he must work on them in him, and starting early is a great way to do so.


General Manager: They look over all the operations in the hotel.

Resident Manager: They are considered responsible of being available at all times.

Executive Housekeeper: Their responsibility covers all the hygiene and cleanliness of the hotel.

Front Office Manager: Almost hotel have a front desk, front office manager looks after that.

Convention Services Manager: These specialists work closely with the customer and the hotel's conferencing facilities to plan various conventions, meetings, seminars, and other events.


Internships can give you a good exposure and make you look good in resume. Most of the hotels go for the one who hold some experience in this field. So, opting some internship will be a good option.

You should look adventurous according to your resume and hold problem solving abilities.

You must be a leader, which necessitates being proactive in your approach to your job rather than simply reacting to every issue that arises.

Take a half-hour each day to stay up to date on industry news. You'll be astonished by what you find throughout the course of the week.