Best Career Options in Theater You can pursue

Best Career Options in Theater You can pursue

If You love watching moviesand wonder what can you do in this field. Contrary to common belief,professional opportunities in theater extend beyond acting. 

Though performers are essential to the theater, they are never sufficient on their own. There are a variety of occupations to choose that are related to the stage. Roles like as directing, play-writing, or theater design may appeal to creative types, whereas practical people are needed for occupations such as lighting technician or stage crew member. Theater has gained popularity which lead to the increase in competition.

Here are some careers you can pursue in theater.


Producers work behind the scenes to ensure that a show is a commercial success, providing a high-quality performance on time, on budget, and with a large number of people in attendance. Some producers come up with the first concept for a show and set everything in motion. They are the one who are responsible for every part going in the show.

Art Director

Art director is full of creativity and innovation. It gives the real life to play by adding colors and beauty to the background. The scenic requirements, graphics, and set construction are all under the control of an art director.All of the beautiful backgrounds we see in plays and movies are created by an Art Director and his or her team.

Fight Choreographer

Giving dramatic and realistic look to fights is the duty of fight choreographer or fight director. Stuntmen conduct the stunts or fight sequences that we see in movies, while in theater, all stunts and combat scenes are performed by the actors themselves. A skilled choreographer, known as a "Fight Choreographer," is necessary to create such action scenes.

Crew Member

They are the bridge among teams, they coordinate with every team like lighting and sound, set design, stage managers, and performers, to ensure that everything runs well.Costume and set design, lighting and sound management, and prop management are all part of their responsibilities.

Lightning/Sound Technician

Lightning and audio makes us feel in the world of the play, without them things will always be incomplete. Lights and sound bring a tale to life, allowing viewers to have a sense of it.To put on a spectacular show for the public, lighting and sound specialists must be well-coordinated with the entire team, which is a huge requirement.

Marketing Assistant

Theatrics, like any other field in the business world, requires a marketing assistant since what good is a product if it does not sell? A marketing assistant is in charge of advertising the play/movie/drama and grabbing the attention of the audience. It is in charge of the box office and ticket sales, as well as developing new tactics to promote foot traffic.