Career Options in the field of Public Relations (PR)

Career Options in the field of Public Relations (PR)

Public relation is a career path forpersons with strong communication abilities who want to work in a field wherethey can engage with a variety of interesting people. 

This is a job in which you must be able to read the mind of the listener and manipulate it to your advantage.The ability to handle and manage people is crucial, and if you have a proclivity for influencing people's opinions, you can employ creative media to assist establish a specific image of an individual or organization among the general public."However, with the introduction of playable and opt-out advertising, as well as ever-more integrated campaigns, PR can be in demand more than a supporting role—and possibly even take center stage.


Media Relation

The media relations team cultivates and maintains contacts with journalists so that they may propose stories and find opportunities for their executive team to be interviewed. Students that focus on media relations in public relations learn how to establish a strong relationship between an organization, agency, or business and the media for the purposes of public relations. Students learn how to influence media coverage, contact with media organizations for interviews, and use media relations to promote a company.

Social Media Community

The social media community team monitors and manages the online reputation of their organization or client. They employ social listening techniques to assess the firm's public image, and they engage with their social media followers, post company news on social media, and seek out social media influences to promote their brand.A concentration in social media prepares public relations professionals to use social media in strategic communications, public relations, and marketing. Students investigate social media theory, digital communications, and organizational uses of social media for brand identity development. Search engine optimization (SEO), digital strategy, and digital analytics may all be included in the focus.


A spokesperson is the public face of a firm. During press conferences, they talk to the general public on behalf of their firm, make television appearances, and answer to any criticism the company may receive.

Financial Communications

The financial communications team of public corporations cultivates relationships with analysts and investors in order to boost the company's financial reputation. At shareholder meetings, press conferences, and private meetings, they answer all analyst, journalist, and investor questions. They also contribute to the company's earnings releases and the investor portion of its website.