These tips will help you in a Good Sleep during the Night

These tips will help you in a Good Sleep during the Night

In this busy world everyone is roamingaround with a bag of burden.We usually eat, walk and talk with it. In fact,sleeping has also been an issue in this busy life. 

We tend to have a lot of stress while sleeping, having bad dreams disturbs us and even after having a 8 hour sleep, we feel restless.

Nighttime rituals have become a so important in our well-being dialogues, science teaches us that the simple steps we take before bed have the potential to impact how we sleep at night and how we feel when we wake up in the morning.

Here are some tips for you to sleep peacefully.

Have a bath

Taking a hot bath before bedtime may help you sleep better, especially if the water temperature and timing are just right. Taking a bubble bath creates an insulating layer around the body, keeping it warmer for longer which helps you to relax. It washes away all your negativity. Furthermore, because you are lying down, your body may rest in a different way.

Read a book

Reading a book will take you to the different world with different perspective, no matte what kind of book you like to read because because when the mind is immersed in a world created by words, tension disappears and the body relaxes, which allows you to sleep.

Write a journal

Pouring down your feeling in a notebook will take your stress away. Making your diary as your friend will give you a true pal, who listens to you without judging. Try to write positive events and thoughts of the day which will help you to get free from stress and sleep peacefully. Journaling on a regular basis can become a relaxing part of your bed time routine, allowing you to fall asleep more quickly.You'll be in a better mood to go into dreamland by the time you put the journal away, go to your bed, and turn off the lights.


A prayer at the end of the day helps us change our focus from what we did to what we have received — it shift our approach to positive one, inspires us and keep us in good mood. Thank the universe for everything you have and remember that no way of praying is wrong. The words we choose are less important than the desire and action of lifting our hearts to God.