Vastu Tips: Must Follow These 4 Vastu Rule for Happiness and Prosperity

Must Follow These 4 Vastu Rule for Happiness and Prosperity

Vastushastrsa has many rules and advices for a healthy lifestyle and prosperity. In Indian traditional culture people had used these tips for harmony. Mostly people are following these Vastu Principles for their good fortune and success.

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 Vastu tips are not only for home constructions but as well as it also tell us about home decorations, kitchen arrangements and good fortune. 

Every human being in this earth always want inner peace and happiness in his/her life. If your environment becomes toxic, it will be hard to survive. But Vastu is a better way to bring those faded happiness and prosperity again in the life. 

So in this article we’re going to tell you about 4 vastu tips which might help you to bring the happiness and prosperity...

Design of front doors 

Whenever people make or buy a new home they do not concern about the front gate. But according to the vastu the direction and design mostly effects the members of the house. If your main gate is south facing then it is a kind of vastu mistake and it attracts  negativity in the home. 

People who live in a south facing home or apartment really suffer with financial and health issues. That is why vastushastra always recommends a North, East or West facing house to live.

 North facing apartment always bring good vibes and prosperity in the home and life because it is known as the direction of Lord Kuber who is basically known as the god of fortune and money. 

Do not let your kitchen dirty

Do not let your kitchen dirty

Most of the times you leave your kitchen and dishes dirty after the dinner. In the vastushastra it is a biggest vastu mistake you make daily to daily life. Leaving the kitchen and dishes dirty and unwashed always brings misfortune. According to the vastu it might be a cause of financial problems and negativity in the home. Unorganized kitchen is considered inauspicious in vastushastra. 

Avoid these plants

Vastushastra also includes some important rules for planting in the home or garden. Plants are a better way to be closer with Mother Nature. Most of the people are utilizing their balcony or terrace for planting and kitchen garden in metro cities nowadays. But they forget to follow some basic vastu tips while planting and in results it effect negatively. According to the vastu try to avoid some plants like Pipal, Tamarind, Berry and Sodom apple because these kinds of plants bring misfortune and financial problems in the home. 

sleeping positions

Sleeping positions

According to the vastu sleeping positions are a major factor because it is totally related to your health and peace of mind. Most of the times you sleep with heads towards in different directions and that are wrong; always try to sleep with heads towards South or East because this position is good for health. Sleeping towards south and east always impact positively in your life and it brings good fortune and positivity in your life. 

People who sleep with heads towards in North and West will suffer with health problems and misfortunes. These to directions are not good for sleeping because it brings negativity, laziness, and different kinds of problems in day to day life. Elderly or retired persons of the house must have to sleep with heads towards South-West positions. It helps them to relax and stay positive.