How to start Career as an Office Secretary?

How to start Career as an Office Secretary?

In previous year a corporate secretary'sjob was confined to assisting the board of directors and managing theorganization's administrative matters.

Now, this position has become an important role in the company as it helps in smooth functioning of a corporate. This job gives you more exposure, inside and outside of the organization and considered as a high position.


You have to pursue a professional course for being the secretary. The foundation course is open to candidates who have completed senior secondary school (10+2). The foundation course takes eight months to complete. Students have three years from the date of their acceptance to pass the foundation examination.

There will be an intermediate level and final level examination after foundation program where you will undergo short term programs. This will help you to improve your management skills as well as well communication.

You can apply for the intermediate level if you have completed the foundation course and are at least 17 years old. Graduates, post-graduates (excluding fine arts students), and those who have graduated from ICWAI, ICAI, or any other recognized accountancy college in India or overseas can enroll straight in the intermediate course.

After that you will need an Associate Membership of ICSI by going through the practical training. This will give you knowledge about working of an organization. This training can be done at ICSI-sponsored enterprises or under the supervision of an experienced company secretary.


Legal Advisor: They are responsible for assisting the company in the event of any legal issues. They also guarantee that the company follows all company, security, and corporate laws' statutory and bureaucratic mandates.

Principal Secretary:They are responsible for overseeing all elements of corporate meetings, including board meetings, annual general meetings, interactions with key clients and vendors, and meetings with government and private delegations. They may also be tasked with organizing business events and dealing with clients.

Corporate Planner: In addition to their regular responsibilities, corporate secretaries must keep a close watch on the company's expansion potential. They also have to deal with collaborations, joint ventures, mergers, and takeovers both within and outside the country.

Company secretaries: They act like a link between the board of directors and external entities including shareholders, regulatory agencies, and government bodies. They must write extensive reports on company policies and distribute them to both internal and external stakeholders. On the other hand, they must present the board with the opinions of shareholders, regulatory bodies, and government agencies.