Career Options for Arts Stream Students after 12th

Career Options for Arts Stream Students after 12th

There is a widespreadmis-perception among students and parents that only those children who areacademically weak and unable to get admission to the Science or Commercestream, go with the arts stream.  

Arts stream is the most diverse path available to students in high school. History, language, cultures, societal norms, philosophy, visual arts, music, and other intellectual aspects of life are all sources of inspiration for arts (or humanities) as an area of study. Students who study the arts are taught and prepared to use their exploratory, analytical, and critical thinking skills. So, you can’t underestimate them.

Now, you are confused, about which course you should go for. We have organized a list of most popular courses for the arts or humanities student.


An integrated legal study, as the name suggests, consists of two degrees: a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) and a Bachelor of Legislative Law (B.L.) (L.L.B.). This is 5 years long course. The major advantage of doing an integrated legal course is that you can earn two degrees from one program. It is the finest job option for students interested in law and asking what to do after 12th grade arts.


Bachelor of Fine Arts is an excellent professional choice for those with a creative bent. This is a popular course among the students who are full of creativity and fond of drawing. B.F.A. is a three-year program that encompasses Fine Arts, Visual Arts, and Performing Arts. Unique specialization is also available in this course like Painting & Sculpting, Pottery & Ceramics, Architectural Drawing, Textile Design etc. Those interested in pursuing a B.F.A. should have strong creative, artistic, visualization, and presentation skills. You will obtain a formal education in your chosen subject as well as creative skills if you complete your graduation with a BFA specialty.Fine arts education is now regarded as one of the best professional paths for artists.


This is an underrate course and not many students are aware about this. This course is perfect for those, who want to walk hand in hand with society and do something for them. This three-year degree program will prepare you to work as a social worker. If you want to do good and better the lives of those in lower socioeconomic groups, you can get a BSW degree and work in one of the various sectors of social work. There is a lot to learn in this course as don’t think it as a low paying job. You can work for the government, non-governmental organizations, or the government.