How to keep Your Skins Glowing during Monsoon

How to keep Your Skins Glowing during Monsoon

The monsoon is cruel to your hands andfeet. They are twice as prone to skin illnesses since they bear the brunt ofthe season because they are the areas that sweat the most, collect the mostgerms, and are thus scoured with soap. 

This is why they demand a little additional love and skin care during the monsoon season. Don’t let this monsoon spoil your hands and feet.

The season is truly lovely, as long as you don't have to go along those flooded streets. But don’t worry we have these tips for the monsoon season to keep your clean, smooth, and healthy.


During the monsoon, your hands and feet are particularly vulnerable to skin problems. Make every effort to keep them dry and clean. Before going to bed, soak them in warm water with lemon juice and a few drops of hand soap for 10-15 minutes.


Don't forget about it. Humidity can make skin greasy, especially if you have oily skin. It collects and produces a filthy layer on the hands and feet over time. Scrub them once or twice a week to get rid of it. Your skin will feel considerably smoother and silkier.


During the monsoon, your nails get weak and readily break. Apply petroleum jelly or coconut oil to them and cover with a cotton or soft cloth. This should be massaged into your nails every two days. This keeps your nails strong and prevents them from breaking easily, allowing you to avoid infections.


Wash your hands and feet, then moisturize your finger and toe nails and leave them overnight. You may also moisturize your skin with olive oil or almond oil. These are natural moisturizers that have the same impact on your skin.


Even on dark rainy days, sunscreen is vital, according to a skin specialist. Rainy days are no excuse to go without sunscreen, so don't go outside without it.As long as there is daylight to tell you the difference between day and night, there is sunlight, there will be sun-rays. So don’t forget to apply sunscream.


Soaking your hands and feet in warm water for an extended period of time will dehydrate your skin. You can go for them at home by on your own but avoid going to salon or parlors. You can rub half a lemon on your nails to keep them clean and infection-free.