Must Visit In These Top 5 Forts In Uttar Pradesh

Must Visit In These Top 5 Forts In Uttar Pradesh

For years, Uttar Pradesh has been one ofIndia's most popular tourist destinations, attracting visitors from all overthe world. The state's culture and heritage are just stunning. 

Agra Fort,

Ancient temples and gorgeous nature sanctuaries are already well-known in the area. However, few people are aware of the magnificent forts that the state residences contain. These forts recount the wonderful history of a bygone era. You will love these forts and there history. We have compiled the list of 5 forts which you cannot ignore.

Agra Fort, Agra

This is one of the most famous forts of Uttar Pradesh. The majestic Agra Fort, commonly known as the Red Fort, stands at the top of the list. The fort is built of red sandstone and is a work of art. The fort, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, attracts a large number of tourists each year. The legendary Mughal King Akbar erected the Agra Fort in 1565, making it a significant historical site.

Jhansi Fort

Jhansi Fort, Jhansi

Everyone is familiar with the Jhansi Ki Rani, who played a crucial role in the history of independent India. Raja Bir Singh Deo of Orchha built this magnificent hilltop fort in 1613. A massive granite wall surrounds the fort, which is part of its defence. There are 10 gates here, each named after a kingdom monarch or monument. Some of the gates have vanished over time, but Jharna Gate, Chand Gate, DatiaDarwaza, Laxmi Gate, and Sainyar Gate, among others, can still be seen.

Allahabad Fort

Allahabad Fort, Prayagraj

This is one among India's lesser-known forts, yet it deserves to be recognised. On the meeting point of the holy rivers Ganga and Yamuna, Mughal emperor Akbar built the fort. Its one-of-a-kind design and craftsmanship are noteworthy, making it a must-see sight in Prayagraj. The fort also houses the iconic Ashoka Pillar.

Aligarh Fort

Aligarh Fort, Aligarh

It's been named India's most powerful fort! The son of the then-presiding governor in Ibrahim Lodhi's court constructed this fort in the 16th century. The fort is built in the shape of a polygon and is surrounded on four sides by a broad ditch. It has been restored several times over the years, the most recent being in the 18th century, under MadhavraoScindia's reign.

Ramgarh Fort, Varanasi

Ramgarh Fort, Varanasi

The lovely Ramgarh Fort near Varanasi is another grand fort to see in Uttar Pradesh. Raja Balwant Singh established the fort on the banks of the sacred Ganges in 1750. The fort is designed in the Mughal style, with modest balconies, open courtyards, and pavilions.