Top 4 Startups providing Employment in Rural Areas

Top 4 Startups providing Employment in Rural Areas

Deep tech has become the new talk of thetown, thanks to the government's flagship initiative Digital Bharat, which aimsto integrate technology into everyday life, from digital payments tocommunication. 

Start-ups are not only thriving in tier 3 and 4 markets, but also impacting the lives of rural people and customers, by making people's lives easier with technology that creates opportunities and employment.India boasts the world's third-largest start-up ecosystems, and these start-ups are bringing technology into people's lives.

The high unemployment rate caused by the Covid-19 outbreak has made life difficult for rural residents. These start-ups are emerging as innovative and accelerating programs for the digital India campaign, connecting rural India with advanced solutions and services addressing grassroots level challenges


Meesho, which means "Meri Shop" or “Apni Dukaan” is a Bengaluru-based firm that focuses on women-led businesses in the fashion and homeware industries. The software enables resellers to get started with little or no money.According to the social commerce site, there are over 13 million entrepreneurs on it, with the majority of them being women. It has helped them in starting their own internet enterprises with no capital outlay, allowing them to reach over 45 million clients across the country with the goal of assisting women in achieving financial independence.


Traders, wholesalers, retailers, manufacturers, and brands in India are all brought together on one platform. Udaan gives them the power of technology to develop and nurture their business by providing real-time insights into dynamic trends and amazing B2B trade features. Udaan is a marketplace that allows clients to expand their network for future business while buying and selling.


Niramai is a Bengaluru-based health-tech business which was launched in 2016 by Geetha Manjunatha and Nidhi Mathur. This sanskrit word itself means free from illness. They have developed radiation-free, non-contact cancer screening software which studies thermal pictures with a cloud-hosted analytics system and detects early indicators of breast cancer with a SaaS solution (which employs AI and machine learning).


By delivering last-mile physical and digital connectivity to rural India, phygitally is reinventing rural commerce.This startup has connected Bharat to IndiaHesa's integrated B2B marketplace connects and aggregates both ends, allowing for nearly "doorstep" buying and selling.

The two fundamental features that enable enterprises to reach, exhibit, demonstrate, convince, and transact with their rural target audience are Hesa's "Phygital" method (read as a physical network of village level entrepreneurs (VLE) assisted by a digital commerce platform in every village).