Facts on Teachers, शिक्षकों पर तथ्य

FACTS ON TEACHERS, शिक्षकों पर तथ्य


Teachers understand that the importance of school finance and the role it plays in eeducation, but wish that money was never an issue.


Teachers want to know that their principal has their back when a parent or student makes unsupported accusations.


Teachers are creative and original. No two teachers do things exactly alike. Even when they use another teacher’s ideas, they often put their own spin on them.


Teachers are more likely to accept and use new technologies if they are properly trained on how to use them.


Teachers are often the scapegoat for a student’s failure when in reality it is a combination of factors outside the teacher’s control that led to failure.


चीन में 1931 में नेशनल सेंट्रल यूनिवर्सिटी में शिक्षक दिवस की शुरूआत की गई थी। चीन सरकार ने 1932 में इसे स्वीकृति दी।


1939 में कन्फ्यूशियस के जन्मदिवस, 27 अगस्त को शिक्षक दिवस घोषित किया गया लेकिन 1951 में इस घोषणा को वापस ले लिया गया।


अमेरिका में मई के पहले पूर्ण सप्ताह के मंगलवार को शिक्षक दिवस घोषित किया गया है और वहां सप्ताहभर इसके आयोजन होते हैं।


भारत में शिक्षक दिवस 5 सितंबर को मनाया जाता है जबकि अंतर्राष्ट्रीय शिक्षक दिवस का आयोजन 5 अक्टूबर को होता है।


Teachers are passionate people who enjoy making a difference.


Teachers do have favorites. They may not come out and say it, but there are those students, for whatever reason, with whom you have a natural connection.


Teachers appreciate being appreciated. They love it when students or parents do something unexpected to show their appreciation.


Teachers despise standardized testing. They believe it has added unnecessary pressures on themselves and their students.


Teachers do not become teachers because of the paycheck. They understand that they are going to be underpaid for what they do.


Teachers hate it when the media focuses on the minority of teachers who screw up, instead of on the majority who consistently show up and do their job on a daily basis.


Teachers hate the political aspects of education.


Teachers enjoy being asked for input on key decisions that the administration will be making. It gives them ownership in the process.


Teachers are not always excited about what they are teaching. There is always some required content that they do not enjoy teaching.


Teachers genuinely want the best for all of their students. They never want to see a child fail.


Teachers hate to grade papers. It is a necessary part of the job, but it also extremely monotonous and time-consuming.


Teachers are consistently searching for better ways to reach their students. They are never happy with the status quo.


Teachers often spend their own money for the things they need to run their classroom.


Teachers want to inspire others around them, beginning with their students but also including parents, other teachers, and their administration.


Teachers work in an endless cycle. They work hard to get each student from point A to point B and then start back over the next year.


Teachers understand that classroom management is a part of their job, but it is often one of their least favorite things to handle.


Teachers understand that students deal with different, sometimes challenging, situations at home and often go above and beyond to help a student cope with those situations.


Teachers love engaging in meaningful professional development and despise time-consuming, pointless professional development.


Teachers want to be role models for all of their students.


Teachers want every child to be successful. They do not enjoy failing a student or making a retention decision.


Teachers enjoy their time off. It gives them time to reflect and refresh and to make changes they believe will benefit their students.


Teachers feel like there is never enough time in a day. There is always more that they feel like they need to be doing.


Teachers would love to see classroom sizes capped at 15-18 students.


Teachers want to maintain an open line of communication between themselves and their student's parents throughout the year.


Teachers love it when they run into former students, and they tell you how much they appreciated what you did for them.


Teachers get irritated with parents who do not understand that education should be a partnership between themselves and their child’s teachers.


Teachers are control freaks. They hate it when things do not go according to plan.


Teachers understand that individual students and individual classes are different and tailor their lessons to meet those individual needs.


Teachers do not always get along with each other. They may have personality conflicts or disagreements that fuel a mutual dislike.


Teachers do not become teachers because they are not smart enough to do anything else.


Teachers do not just work from 8-3 with summers off. Most arrive early, stay late, and take papers home to grade.


Teachers get frustrated with students who have tremendous potential but do not want to put in the hard work necessary to maximize that potential.


Teachers love students who come to class every day with a good attitude and genuinely want to learn.


Teachers enjoy collaboration, bouncing ideas and best practices off of each other, and supporting each other.


Teachers respect parents who value education, understand where their child is academically, and support everything the teacher does.


Teachers are real people. They have lives outside of school. They have terrible days and good days. They make mistakes.


Teachers want a principal and administration that supports what they are doing, provides suggestions for improvement, and values their contributions to their school.


रोचक तथ्य यह है कि शिक्षक दिवस दुनिया भर में मनाया जाता है लेकिन सबने इसके लिए एक अलग दिन निर्धारित किया है। कुछ देशों में इस दिन अवकाश रहता है तो कहीं-कहीं यह कामकाजी दिन ही रहता है।


भारत में डॉ. सर्वपल्ली राधाकृष्णन के सम्मान में 5 सितम्बर को शिक्षक दिवस मनाया जाता है। इस दिन देश के द्वितीय राष्ट्रपति रहे राधाकृष्णन का जन्मदिवस होता है।


Teachers often worry about many of their students outside of school hours, realizing that they do not have the best home life.


थाइलैंड में हर साल 16 जनवरी को राष्ट्रीय शिक्षक दिवस मनाया जाता है। यहां 21 नवंबर, 1956 को एक प्रस्ताव लाकर शिक्षक दिवस को स्वीकृति दी गई थी। पहला शिक्षक दिवस 1957 में मनाया गया था। इस दिन यहां स्कूलों में अवकाश रहता है।


ईरान में वहां के प्रोफेसर अयातुल्लाह मोर्तेजा मोतेहारी की हत्या के बाद उनकी याद में दो मई को शिक्षक दिवस मनाया जाता है। मोतेहारी की दो मई, 1980 को हत्या कर दी गई थी।


तुर्की में 24 नवंबर को शिक्षक दिवस मनाया जाता है। वहां के पहले राष्ट्रपति कमाल अतातुर्क ने यह घोषणा की थी। मलेशिया में इसे 16 मई को मनाया जाता है, वहां इस खास दिन को 'हरि गुरु' कहते हैं।


Teachers get frustrated with the few teachers who lack professionalism and are not in the field for the right reasons.


Teachers hate it when a parent undermines their authority by bad mouthing them in front of their child at home.


Teachers are compassionate and sympathetic when a student has a tragic experience.


Teachers want to see former students be productive, successful citizens later in life.


Teachers invest more time in struggling students than any other group and anticipate the "light bulb" moment when a student finally starts to get it.


Teachers are continuously evolving. They are always searching for better ways to reach their students.


Teachers dislike disruptions, but are generally flexible and accommodating when they occur.