Facts on Sneezing, छींक पर तथ्य

FACTS ON SNEEZING, छींक पर तथ्य


Sneezing is a workout. One sneeze engages your throat, chest, diaphragm, and abdomen.


A single sneeze can produce up to 40,000 droplets.


Trying to hold in sneeze can hurt.


There is a reason you sneeze multiple times in a row.


You can't sneeze with your eyes open because your eyes will pop out.


You can't sneeze when you're asleep. While you're sleeping, the nerves that cause you to sneeze are also resting.


Your eyes will close automatically when you sneeze. When your brain receives the signal to sneeze it also signals your eyes to close.


The color of your mucus means something. Your nose produces one to two pints of mucus every day.


Sneezing is a reflex. The reason that ww sneeze is because our bodies are reacting to irritants-including dust, pollen, and animal dander- in the nose lining.


Sneezing is our body rebooting. They concluded that we need to reset our nasal cavity every so often... and we do that by sneezing.


Your heart does not stop when you sneeze. That's a myth. But the rhythm of your heart can change when you sneeze.


A sneeze can travel up to 100 miles an hour.Because the air is moving out of your nose so quickly you typically make a noise. The faster the air moves, the louder the sneeze.


The spray frrom your sneeze can travel five feet or more. This is why it's extremely important to cover mouth with your elbow when you sneeze and prevent spreading a cold.